Svanhildur Blackheart, referred to as Svana by most of her friends and acquaintances. She is Castle Hillas resident witch.



Often seen wearing a purple tunic underneath a feathered cloak.


Svana's arms, legs, ear tips and the top half of her face are covered in black markings. The borders of her markings transition in a splotchy pattern, as is typical for all Zull seen thus far.


Most notable about her appearance is the lock of bangs that always obscures her left eye. The state of her left eye is unknown, and no character has yet remarked on having never seen it.


Timid, reclusive, and bookish. It is referenced several times throughout the comic that it's not uncommon for witches in Hilla to be burned, so her seclusion in her tower is not entirely unwarranted.


Being somewhat aloof, Svana has not fostered many close relationships with any of the main cast members, though they generally regard her as a friend. After the Princess arc, however, Svana has been seen on several dates with Kenner.

Despite the evident stigma, the King and Queen of Hilla seem to be unfazed by Svana's practice as a witch, and rather appreciate her service.

Major AppearancesEdit

Murder (Mentor)Edit

In Cluck Cluck Crisis Svana revealed that she was mentored by a sentient murder of crows, aptly named "Murder".