Clan Hilla

Zander's family. His parents, King Jeff and Queen Alexis, split duty as the co-heads of the Hillan state. His older sister Princess Gweniffer is next in line for the throne. And baby brother Prince Ricken gets all the attention.


Harbottle Stonegrave

Hilla's chief bureaucrat and the King/Queens's right hand. He is responsible for maintaining the machinery of Hilla's government.


Rex Vunderdog

Head of Hilla's police force and military (if it had a military). Rex cannot speak Inglish, but his pet babble finch, Woodstock, is an excellent translator.


Cpt. Joseph Kenner

Once considered a rising star in the Angelonian officers corps. Kenner rubbed some people the wrong way and got 'promoted' to body guard for Princess Rosaline.


Svanhildur (Svana) Blackheart

Hilla castle's resident master of the occult. She is an expert of anatomy, botany, chemistry, folk lore, mathematics, mythology, zoology, and other 'impractical arts'.


The Embalmer

Not much is known about Embalmer, he's not that bright, and really spooky. Definitely a danger to himself but it's even worse for others.



These guys worship snakes. They're led by a mysterious individual known only as 'that snake guy'. Occasionally he gets killed, but he keeps coming back anyways.


Sir (aka 'Grandad' aka 'Old Man') Dragonfly

Willa's grandfather and only guardian. The Hillan royal court owes him several dozen favors for all the times he saved the kingdom. He is almost always away on 'business'.


Donovan Dragon-Puncher

A barbarian from the Fire and Ice Caldera northish of Hilla (aka the Metal Lands ). He came to Hilla hoping to hit it bug in the treasure dungeons .


Janus Tangarian

Owner of Hilla Treasure Co., Hilla's number one buyer of treasure and seller of adventurer supplies. Her two-tone coloration is extremely uncommon, maybe even unnatural, perhaps that's why she's so leery of buying anything that might be cursed.

Dungeon Rats

The creatures who build and maintain Hilla's dungeons. Historically the rats have demonstrated group behavior with the semblance of intelligence. Experts have so far failed to agree whether this is the result of actual sentience or mere mimicry. 

Bridget [REDACTED]

Not much is known about this traveler from a foreign land. A fact not helped by her convenient 'speech impediment' that prevents her from discussing anything about her home land .